Dirk Van Zele

We all search for Beauty, because it signifies a certain harmony within ourselves and with others.

Beauty can sound like a promise of healing, an escape from the malaise and suffering of the dictate of eternal youth or deficient self-esteem. All the more so as we live in a society governed by image and appearance, where what we display has significance in the professional, social and family spheres.

But this inner quest can prove to be more or less distressing, complex, and long, contrary to the futility or superficiality associated with it. It’s often with this aim that recourse to aesthetic, plastic, reparative or reconstructive surgery is sought.

And as an aesthetic surgeon, my goal is not to radically transform your face, body or personality, but rather to correct certain imperfections, to erase the effects of time, to balance your proportions; in a word, to enhance you, with the ultimate goal of reconciling your physical appearance with your innermost being.

Consultations in Brussels/Zaventem (private).