Nymphoplasty / Labiaplasty

This involves an aesthetic surgery procedure correcting hypertrophy of the genital inner labia in women.
This request is becoming more and more common in plastic and aesthetic surgery consultations.
There is no ‘standardisation’ of this part of the body, but inner labia extending beyond the outer labia occur frequently. These are intimate characteristics that can psychologically perturb and sometimes physically bother younger and younger patients.
This discomfort can be accentuated by the development of fashions in dress (very tight jeans) and lingerie (thong).
Through modesty or shyness, you probably have great difficulty approaching this subject; all the more so as most women are unaware of the existence of a surgical correction procedure, a resection of the excess portion of the inner labia that imperceptibly eliminates the problem.
The procedure is most often performed under general anaesthesia for reasons of comfort, but local anaesthesia is quite possible if you wish.